Background Research Armenia

April 7, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Swisscontact is a leading organisation in the implementation of international development projects. It
promotes inclusive economic, social, and ecological development to make an effective contribution towards
sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies Swisscontact designs and
implements projects to support rural producers and SMEs generate income and jobs and improve the
business environment through developing skills, market access opportunities, diversified markets, and access
to finance.

Swisscontact is preparing to design a programme in Armenia that will achieve these aims through supporting
SMEs and producers in selected value chains through a market-based approach. To inform this process,
Swisscontact is looking for a consultant to conduct background research activities in Armenia and provide
an evidence-base and recommendations for the programme. This includes literature review, conducting
key informant interviews, analysing findings, presenting, and reporting recommendations to Swisscontact.

The assignment will take place from April to June 2022.

Main responsibilities
The following key tasks are anticipated to be required to achieve the objectives:

  •  Literature review to provide an overall assessment of the agriculture system, including the Armenian
    Government institutional framework, policy environment, including key priority areas, particularly those
    with relevance to private sector development, gender and social inclusion, environment, and climate change
  • Literature review to identify LNOB groups in Armenia based upon SDC and Swisscontact guidance (to be
    provided) based upon the country context, the ability for a project to feasibly target them, and a calculation
    of total populations of selected LNOB groups.
  • An assessment of the structure and main constraints of sectors selected using a Relevance, Opportunity,
    Feasibility (ROF) analysis in relation to the target group of rural producers and SMEs, including private sector
    capacity and the identification of potential lead firms.
  • Preparation of question guides and engagement with key stakeholders in the public and private sector
    through key informant interviews (KIIs), to inform a brief stakeholder mapping and rough assessment of
    current capacities of potential partners, especially to act as potential co-facilitators to implement a market
    systems development approach. Swisscontact team members may participate in certain meetings and an
    engagement plan will be agreed prior to meetings taking place.
  • Mapping of current development initiatives (and any future planned initiatives where information is
    available) in the sector, including important technical partners (NGOs, etc.) active in agriculture system
    strengthening, value chain development, private sector promotion, and/ or support to farmers and the
    farming sector. Identify gaps/ best practices in current practices, considering how initiatives link to the
    private sector.
  • Provision of recommendations for a proposed market systems development (MSD) programme which
    could be targeted at supporting small-holder farmers in rural areas, include the scope, location, and target
    group. Contextual issues in the target areas and the challenges and implications of applying the MSD
    approach in this context should be addressed.


  • Experience of development cooperation projects in Armenia
  • Knowledge of the agriculture/ agricultural processing sectors and dynamics
  • Experience of conducting scoping studies/ data collection through semi-structured interviews
  • Contacts with key sector stakeholders – in government, commercial industry, and the development
    sector (development partners and implementors)
  • Good analytical skills to synthesize qualitative data and identify recommendations.
  • Reporting writing in English

Submission Instruction

Who can apply: individuals/ representatives of consultancy firms

Interested candidates should submit:

  • Cover letter confirming eligibility and availability for the assignment, explanation for the suitability of the
    assignment in relation to the required skills and competencies (see 4.2) (maximum 1 page). Include as
    annex profiles/ resumes of consultant(s) with contact details of at least 2 references and copy of
    diploma(s)/ certifications for consultant(s).
  • Financial offer (maximum one-page): breakdown of cost estimates for services rendered. This should
    include, daily consultancy fees and any other expenses required. Proposed fees should be provided in
    gross amount including all the relevant taxes as per local legislation. Financial offers should be provided
    in CHF.

Files should be sent by email to [email protected] stating in the subject line: Background Research
Armenia. Shortlisted consultants will be invited to an interview.

Submission Deadline: 5:00 pm, Wednesday 29 April 2022

If any, please submit questions in writing to: [email protected]

• Last Day for Questions: 5:00 pm, Tuesday 26 April 2022
• Questions will be answered by: 5:00 pm, Wednesday 27 April 2022

For more details please see attached file