How to Write a Perfect CV?

How to Write a Perfect CV

Are you on your way to start a fantastic career or conquer new heights? Here are the most important tips, nuances and secrets to help you write a professional-looking, yet easy to read CV and present yourself in the most challenging way!

It’s important how your CV looks like

Font size and page margins, the overall length of your CV, neatly arranged information sections. Be sure your CV is easy to go through and well-organized. No one is going to spend hours on digging out the most important information out of several “messy” pages.

Be informative, yet keep it short

Share your contact details, education, work experience, relevant trainings and certificates. Adding more information about your hobbies or personal achievements is not necessary, yet it’s up to you.

 Make sure it is error-free and accurate

Everybody can write a CV but not everybody spends time reviewing their resume to make the necessary changes. Don’t forget to double-check your CV before attaching it to the email or printing it for the upcoming interview.

Summary statement or CV objective

Stress out your exceptional qualities and strongest skills, indicate your career goals and employment expectations.

Depending on the work you are going to apply for, you can update this part in your CV.

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