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About Company

WINONS is established in 2016 to pursue redefining the art of handicrafts. With the aid of our various electrical hand tools, we cater to bridging the gap between one’s visionary ideas and actuality. Keeping safety and practicality as our main priority, our tools are highly intuitive and convenient to not just be used by professionals but also enthusiasts. Our products are readily and easily available for everyone through various platforms which include our online store, Amazon and eBay. We focus on delivering products that are of high quality yet affordable as we value our customers’ satisfaction above all and believe that everyone deserves good quality products that could last them a lifetime. Our objective is to provide you with the tools we’d like to receive as a customer and ultimately reach the pinnacle of standard and quality.

Currently, we are available in more than 10 countries offering a product line of various foam cutting, wood burning, and hot knife tools. Having a family of over 100.000 ecstatic and satisfied customers, we are on a mission of persistently growing our network and enhancing our merchandise to serve the ever-growing and evolving innovative ideas our customers entail. Our long-term vision is to encourage living like a hobby and make its incorporation in one’s daily household errands as a normal practice.