About Company

Social Discovery Group is one of the world’s largest groups of social discovery companies, uniting more than 40 brands, an investment fund, and a venture studio. We solve the problem of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection with the help of digital reality. Our products include both international dating sites operated by our subsidiary Dating Group and new social and entertainment apps built by SDG Lab. More than 180 million people across 100 different countries enjoy our technologies. We strive to have 10 times as many.

Our international team of 700 professionals and digital nomads works all over the world. Together we develop services based on new principles of communications with a focus on video streaming, AI technologies, and game mechanics. Among our products: iFriend, XOXO, Magnet, Tubit, BamBam, Dating.com, CupidMedia, DilMil, Once.

Why work with SDGroup:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with social discovery visionaries and professionals with a background in launching global products.
  • We develop innovative services within our own venture studio SDG Lab.
  • We support the digital nomad culture and regularly send employees on trips around the world.
  • We arrange yoga classes, sports tournaments and even created our own running club RUN SDG RUN.
  • We have a gamified gratitude system, where employees receive bonuses and exchange them for time off, branded gifts, or certificates. We also reward employees for outstanding task results and successful recommendations for open vacancies.
  • We organize internal training sessions, send employees to industry conferences, give an opportunity to get an MBA and study at the best universities in the world – Berkley, INSEAD, and Harvard University.
  • As a part of the Art & Technology program, we organize museum visits, online contemporary lectures, art workshops, and meetings with artists.
  • We give customized branded souvenirs upon being hired, on professional holidays, and all corporate events.

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