About Jobs.am

Jobs.am is one of the most recognized career platforms in Armenia, which went online in 2016. Since the time of our launch, we have hosted numerous job ads, with our ethics and fair business principles always in everything we do.

Jobs.am ethics

No misleading ads. It is our goal to host only job ads which are clearly defined and not misleading for candidates.

Background check of employers: We always perform risk assessment and at least a basic background check on the employers, to minimize the risk of job ads coming from unreliable sources.

Respecting the privacy of applicants: We only roll out tools which are tested against privacy threats. Our privacy policy is clear about what information we obtain, retain and what are your rights. It is our policy, not to roll out any features, we consider as risky for privacy. We prefer security and simplicity.

Fair business practices

Fair pricing: Our pricing is designed to ensure we can maintain the platform, invest in its development and ensure fair share of return for our wider business and shareholders. We do not overcharge our customers. 

Value for money: Our website is designed to ensure your job advert receives fair visibility from visitors. We do not host ads just for the sake of hosting them, we want you to be able to hire the appropriate people. As such, where deemed necessary, we invest additionally to advertise your job ads in social networks

Business partner: Though we provide job ads services through jobs.am, Corpohost Group has amassed significant experience in business over the years. As such, where deemed appropriate, we will support and advise you on your hiring and business strategy. You can also contact us to learn more about our consulting services. 



Ashxatanq hayastanum

Jobs.am kayqum duq karox eq gtnel ashxatanq hayastanum ashxatanq Yerevanum. Jobs.am kayqum karox eq grancel dzer ynkerutyuny ev mer gorcoqneri mijocov gtneq dzez hamapatasxan teknacui.